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"Diggin" your own Family Dig

My name is Stacey Rehbein at Family Dig, Inc. We have many services to offer you when it comes to finding your “Dead People”. Everyone has them and they are (or were) real live, walking, talking with everyday lives, just like us people. Let’s bring our family’s past to the present and...

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Imagine you were adopted as an infant & at your 95th birthday party your birth mother's name is revealed. Then you meet several 1/2 Nieces & a 1/2 brother. With the help of her DNA and Family Dig, Inc. this is what happened for Betty. This article came out on Christmas morning...

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This passage in time began with Suzanne and Betty, a mother & daughter pair, who were interested in finding Betty's birth parents. Betty's adopted parents were as much her parents as anyone could be and for most of her young life she did not know she was adopted. It wasn't until years later, she...

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In Search of Wallace 2

Let's start out by saying that "In Search of Wallace" in Wallacetown, Dumfriesshire, while in Scotland did not go as well as I had hoped. Before leaving, I couldn't find any help from a rootsweb group in Dumfriesshire except for someone who thought I was barking up the wrong tree anyway. However, I did...

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In Search of Wallace

My father's side of my family comes from Scotland and with the surname Wallace, you have to take it seriously. After all, you could be related to the ultimate, Hero of Scotland, Sir William Wallace. I supposed everyone with the Wallace Surname has a family story that says they are somehow related to the...

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